A New Year {A Time to Reflect}


This year has seen many personal and performance ups and downs. It was a year of change and rebirth in both a literal and figurative way. I am grateful for every experience that came my way, giving me a chance to grow and excel. 

{Drop Dead Dames} It’s never easy starting something new, especially when it involves a group of girls with really big dreams. This last year, we left our former troupe with just a vision, and with the help of each other and a whole lot of love for burlesque, we have made quite an impact on the burlesque scene in San Diego in a very short amount of time. I am proud to be a Dame and even prouder of all of our accomplishments as a troupe. 

{Festivals} I’ve really put myself out there this year, applying to several different shows and festivals while working personally to grow as a performer. I’ve heard many Nos, but have also been given several opportunities to perform abroad. I’ve performed at the Carolina Burlesque Festival, The Great Southern Exposure, Tiki Oasis and the Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Not bad for only giving birth in April. 

{Burlycon} Up until recently, I’ve mostly been a self taught performer. Prior to I was focusing so much on college, that burlesque was only getting about 30% of my effort. Since graduating in March, I’ve dived head first into every learning opportunity that I’ve had to further my burlesque career. Burlycon was an amazing experience and I got the chance to learn and meet many of my burlesque idols. You will definitely see me back in 2014! 

{Brody Vega} I try and keep my stage life separate from my home life, but certain events tend to bleed into each other. Having my daughter was one, especially when I performed onstage 8 months pregnant! The birth of my daughter has taught me to keep myself grounded (which can be an ever fighting battle), enjoy the small things, and be the woman and role model that I hope she will look up to. 

As we close out this year, hopefully with champagne in our hands, let’s open our arms to this coming year and embrace the many adventures it has waiting for us. Thank you for supporting me thus far, and I hope we will continue on this journey together!