Burlesque Compares to Show Pilots

As I sat down last night and poured myself a glass of wine, I decided to restart watching The Office. I’m one of those people that just loves to plow through TV series, and tend to watch and re-watch all may favorites again and again. Thank goodness for Netflix. But as I was watching the pilot episode of The Office, I realized how much they experimented with their style before they polished what became their signature look and technique that held up for years.

They weren’t quite sure what camera angles they were going to use as their signature styles, so they just threw in everything that they had ever learned from watching successful series before them. They weren’t quite sure the lighting techniques and were really blue with their colors. The look of the cast and crew was very stereotypical and not quite polished. As I sat there and evaluated the differences that years of experience unknowingly masked, I started to think about my burlesque career and how similar the two were.

When we start our careers we go through a very experimental phase. We learn from the classics and implement them the best way we know possible until we can learn how to add our own personalities into the mix, creating our signature styles. With our hair and make up, pictures and evidence show that I was still trying to figure out how to properly do it even to this day, although I’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks along the way. My costumes have also taken a turn up hill, after HOURS and HOURS of rhinestoning and lessons from others in the industry.

It’s really cool to parallel the two art forms and see how the creative process is not very different from study to study. Even the most successful people have to start at chapter one. Till next time loves!

xoxo Eva Mae