Burlesque in Holiday Spirits

When I started burlesque I was never one to add sequins or fringe, or anything very elaborate into my everyday dress. Although I love the glamour and glitz or being on stage, the lights reflecting into the audience off of your meticulously placed rhinestone, I was more for dressing down when I got off stage.

Even now, with the demands of my everyday life, my less than ample time to get ready in the morning, and all my extra money going into costumes rather than an extravagant wardrobe for business casual attire, I’m very okay with days of dressing down. But recently, I have found myself being pulled closer to the glimmer in my everyday wear. It’s still almost impossible to get me to wear heels if I’m not onstage, but there is something about adding glamour into your everyday life that makes you feel, unstoppable.  It’s like that moment, when you are getting ready for the day, and you put on a sexy matching bra and undie set, and even though no one else in the room knows what you are wearing, you tend to look at people with the “Oh yea, you don’t even know what you’re missing” face.

So here are some holiday dresses that are absolutely to die for! Want to stop a few hearts when you walk into a room, while blinding everyone in the process, well let me point you in the right direction.

{Friendly Reminder}

Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue’s Pasties for Pups show is this Saturday! This is our first performance as a new troupe and would love for those of you in San Diego to show us girls some love! It’s at Eleven in North Park, CA at 9:00 P.M.