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I was recently browsing the internet for burlesque articles and burlesque bloggers and happened to stumble upon this blog by Ashe Mischief. There were many burlesque tips that were spot on that I thought I might touch on for my site.

1. Watch as much burlesque as possible.

As a performer I keep growing and growing. I look at video from when I first started, and have to remind myself that it’s been a process. I still catch myself doing many no-no’s like CITM face (cock in the mouth) or even the dreaded duck lips. (Ironically both have made it on top of my list for New Year’s resolutions) The one thing that has helped me, besides constantly performing, is watching others and seeing what works for other performers as well as what the audience responds to most. Never stop watching or learning!

2. Do your hair and make-up.

Performing is about setting up a presence, so going onstage, looking halfway complete or like you just walked off the street is not expectable. Make sure your make up is seen from even the back of the audience and every curl/piece of hair is tucked in a nice spot. 

3. Add variety to your acts.

Wearing a set formula for each act is boring. Also add some color! We love to see different acts as well as different ways to address costuming. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If you can develop a certain skill to incorporate into your routines then do it! Make yourself a name and give yourself a gimmick! Also address how your costume fits. Make sure its flattering at all angles. You will only be doing yourself a justice. 

There were many more great tips, but these definitely stood out to me. If you want to read the entire article I’ve attached it below.

15 Tips on How to be a Burlesque Superstar!

{Friendly Reminder}

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