Burly-Con Fuck Yes!

I live in San Diego, and right now Comic Con is in full swing. My boyfriend is a die hard comic book fan and tells me more details about characters and comic book technicalities than I ever care to know. Most of the time I just give him the passive “Ah huh” which generally satisfies his eager attempts to include me into this part of his life. It’s adorable, and in retrospect, is probably like my knowledge dump of burlesque onto him. And as he is sitting there, nerding out on the upcoming panels for tomorrow, I am on the burly-con website flipping out on the workshops and the performers teaching them! I got so excited, that I went ahead and booked my ticket tonight and have started an itinerary of my trip up to Seattle, which by the way is a place I’ve never been to before. November can’t get here fast enough! I’m kind of like a kid on Christmas Eve right now. xoxo