Card Girl

I’m really excited about May 14th!  Here lately because of in troupe policies I haven’t had the opportunity to be considered for private bookings with the troupe.  My work schedule has kept me from being really active in the troupe, so to be fair to other girls, well politics politics politics.  But today, I was called by the lovely Miss Claudia and asked to card girl for an up coming private party! Of course without hesitation I agreed. Although it’s not a technical performance as far as an act for Eva Mae, it’s a chance to work with the group, a chance to taunt a crowd, as well as a learning experience.  Being a card girl means keeping the audience ready for more; egging them on for the next performer, and keeping the energy up throughout the show. It will be an experience, and an on stage experience to draw into next performances. Can’t wait!

On a quick side not, I was listening to “Locomotion” and realized that the artist was called Little Eva. That made me smile!