Carolina Burlesque Festival

This year I was given the opportunity to perform at the Carolina Burlesque Festival in Charleston, SC. This was such a great opportunity for many reasons. It was the first time I’ve ever competed in a burlesque pageant, it was the first big performance I gave after having my baby, and it was wonderful to meet and see what other performers were doing around the world.

I saw so many great acts and costumes, one of my favorite performers was Iris Le’Mour. I was already excited/nervous about seeing her act, but as soon as she did her stellar stocking removal that earned her a standing ovation, I knew she had the crown. I also saw an amazing costumes that made me second look a few of my garbs and met some really sweet girls.

I did learn something very important though. I tend to be very type A personality, and when I learned that I was performing in not a showcase but a competition, my outlook on performing completely changed. It was no longer something beautiful that I looked forward to, it was this giant anxious ball sitting at the pit of my stomach screaming in my ear not to mess up. I was no longer having fun onstage, and that was evident in my performance. I learned that sometimes, you just have to let go and let your act become organic and grow and evolve onstage. Sometimes, you have to let all your nervous energy dissipate and just be present onstage and play into your audience. And finally, if you don’t have the best balance, don’t do a standing stocking removal without a chair. 😉 All in all though, I had a blast and look forward to applying again for next year!