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Burlesque Boogie Nights This Thursday- April 27, 2017

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Welcome back to the April edition of Burlesque Boogie Nights, aka #Gingersshitshow2017! We will be celebrating Ginger N. Whiskey’s birthday with two fabulous performers, Stella Foxtrot and Dee V. Ous. Are you ready for this? Because its going to be a night full of burlesque, craft cocktails, whiskey, and whatever Eva Mae Garnet can think of to get Ginger back from #Evasshitshow2017.

No cover for the night.  Tips appreciated!




Sycamore Den | 3391 Adams Ave, San Diego, California 92116
First set at 9:15 pm and second set starts at 10:15 pm.

Come out and stay for a drink or two.

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Photo by Vixen Photography

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Photo by Steve Edmund

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Panel Skirt Workshop

January 7th at 12:30 PM

Glittertribe Studios
3052 Clairemont Dr, Ste 9
San Diego, California 92117

Panel skirts are a constant favorite in burlesque. Their feminine draping adds an element of tease with just their silhouette onstage. In this workshop Eva Mae Garnet will go over the basics of panel skirt construction. From various technique like adjusting patterns for use, to quick tricks from the legends, come learn how to add this burlesque costume staple to your showgirl closet.
Eva Mae Garnet is a performer, producer, and costumer from San Diego. Making all her own costumes and studying under a handful designers and pattern makers, she has earned notoriety for her custom corsets, headdresses, and panel skirts. Be sure to check out her work at

For this class, please bring a notebook, pen, fabric shears, pins, and a measuring tape if you will be working on your skirts in this workshop.

Cost: $20
Please reserve your spot online:

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West Coast Tour Complete!

This past Sunday I came home after a 10 day tour traveling all the way from San Diego to Seattle and back again, stopping in at Oakland, Portland, and San Francisco. Ginger and I had been planning this tour for months, and to see everything come to fruition, and to share the stage with so many talented and welcoming performers was a dream come true. We even got a chance to perform in one of the longest running weekly neo-burlesque shows, Behind the Pink Door in Seattle. Even though it was freezing, literally there was one point where we were driving through snow, Ginger and I definitely brought the heat to each stage we hit, repping our amazing San Diego burlesque community the best we could.

While in Oakland we even had a chance to team up with Rubberlesque to create a fun video shoot that definitely challenged a few fears of heights that both of us had. Her lingerie is so much fun and is made out of recycled bicycle tubing. Environmentally friendly and sexy, that’s a win win for sure.

But now we are home and getting ready for our last 2016 San Diego appearances while preparing for our next monthly show at the Sycamore Den on the 29th, you will be there right? So take a look at my upcoming dates and be sure to catch a performance before the holidays! <3


Upcoming Performances

December 18th– Burlesque Brunch at the Lafayette

December 21st– Eva Mae Garnet at Boobie Trap at Gossip Grill

December 29th– Burlesque Boogie Nights featuring Sheila Starr Siani at the Sycamore Den


There has been many changes in my personal and creative life lately. Rather significant relationships and endeavors have changed, and in doing so has left me in a place of vulnerability in the unknown. These sentiments are something all of us have experienced at one time or another. Losing a relationship, changing a job, or having to start a big new project over from scratch are just a few examples of situations that can leave a person feeling lost in the dark. When we get like that though, there are a few things that can help guide us in the right direction. Although sometimes we just want to retreat and hide under the covers (been there, did it yesterday) sometimes it’s best to take slow and simple steps in the right direction. So here are a few tools to help you deal with a creative overhaul and various introspective situations.

Reading is one of those simple pleasures that too many people often don’t make time for.  Whether it’s a biography of your personal hero, a fiction story to escape in, or a book of poetry to get lost in the dance of words, reading is never a waste of time or energy.  It gives you something to talk about instead of the newest gossip and helps generate ideas that you may have not come up with on your own. Above all, it helps to create a society of knowledgeable individuals ready to help create a better world.

I’m not the best when it comes to sitting still, but forcing myself to take even 10 minutes to do a guided meditation has become one of my favorite moments of the day. There are various apps, websites, and YouTube channels dedicated to helping the public meditate. Meditation helps to relax you and to evaluate your situation in a thoughtful and objective sense.

Make a List
I love making lists! This is the complete Type A personality in me, but I love creating lists to realize what’s important to me in my life. My recent lists have been: What Do I Want Out Of Life, What Creative Things Do I Want To Accomplish, Where Do I Want To Go, and What Do I Need To Let Go Of To Accomplish My Goals. Sometimes just seeing certain things in writing helps us realize what we want manifested in our lives. What does your list look like?

Leave Your Circle
Go out and meet new people. Go to events that you otherwise would have stayed away from. Sometimes opening up our circle of friends and acquaintances helps us to realize how not alone we really are. Getting stuck in the same circle over and over again can make a person stagnant if you don’t try to see what is beyond your personal world. Maybe pick up a new hobby, go to a networking group, or find an activity that you’ve been putting off for various reasons. You don’t have to completely dump your friends and family, but realizing there are others out there sometimes helps to direct you where you want to go in life.

When an animal is hurt or wounded, they retreat until they are ready to come back into the world. If a major life change has happened, and you just aren’t ready to face the world yet, that is completely understandable. Be honest with yourself and your personal limits. They exist for a reason. Try spending some extra time in nature. Take a hike, sit under a tree, go where there are very few people. Retreating can also mean taking a trip somewhere, either with a close friend or loved one, or by yourself. Sometimes we all need those moments to heal, analyze, and come back stronger.

What are some of your methods for healing? Have you tried any of those listed above? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below, and as always stay feisty loves!

Eva Mae Logo


Photo by Lisa Petz Photography

53rd Anniversary Dinner: Fearless Voices

Attending the 53rd Annual Planned Parenthood Dinner was an honor. The event was a great fundraising success, raising well over $1 million—with more than $240,000 raised from a generous match challenge. Being surrounded by hundreds of people who believed in the good of this organization which brings the community readily accessible facilities that offer care for basic human needs was a heart-warming feeling. But sitting there, listening to the insightful and hard-working guest speakers made it all too obvious the dangers this organization and it’s patients withstand. Living in a world with so much to offer, it’s a cumbersome realization that there are people living among us refusing reason and clinging to hate. One day I hope that the struggles of these men and women are rewarded and the fight for reproductive equality a success.


Photos featuring: Lola Demure, Valentina Unity, Remele Sparks, Gia La Dolce, Millie Marie, J, and Bawdy Show producers Matt and Lily
Dress I’m wearing is from South Park’s Bad Madge in San Diego.

Hollywood Burlesque Theatre in San Diego

There was once a time that burlesque boomed in San Diego. Located in what was once called “The Stingaree” at 314 F Street in downtown San Diego, The Hollywood Theatre offered a stage to many striptease artists like Tempest Storm and Betty Rowland. Owned and operated by the dedicated Bob Johnston and his wife Fanny Myers, the Hollywood Theatre was re-opened as such after the Exposition at Balboa Park ended the original Liberty Theatre.


Prior to and during World War II, the theatre flourished when an influx of service men into San Diego made for regular patrons. Downtown San Diego became packed with military attendees waiting to see the shows.  At the height of the theatre’s attendance, they were doing six shows on a Saturday and five shows on a Sunday. They were lucky to be the only “Big Girl Revue” in the city. The show featured a chorus line of thirty women, singers, dancers, strippers, comedians, magicians, and more. The show itself changed every two weeks along with the headliner. During this time, the theatre was incredibly successful and afforded Bob and his wife many luxury items that were very much appreciated after the Great Depression.


In the beginning of her career, Lil St. Cyr was a regular cast member and was mentored by veterans such as Janne “Irish” Cafara.  “Irish” began dancing as a feature when her son was tragically killed by a drunk driver. In an attempt to grieve in San Diego, she took the part at the Hollywood Theatre. The theatre proved to be an effective measure to remedy the grief while teaming up with old friend Claude Mathis, and mentoring budding performers like Lili. “Irish” proved to have an emotional attachment to the Hollywood Theatre and stood by it’s side even as burlesque entertainment faded.

Many cast members came to work at the Hollywood Theatre for the ability to settle down in San Diego, raise families, and enjoy the material comforts their jobs afforded. As “Irish” once put it, I think I played every state in the United States, the big theatres in all the big cities. When I got to San Diego I just don’t know, I just never wanted to leave here.”


There were many headliners who passed through the Hollywood Theatre, but Big Bobbi “Texas” Roberts remained a favorite in-house feature. She was tall with brazen redhair, and was referred to as a “tree-topper” because of her height in both heels and a head dress. She was billed as “6 Feet 1 of Texas Fun” and always stood out from the others. Even after her death, fans reminisced about the statuesque beauty.


By the mid-1950’s, the burlesque industry was falling apart. Top burlesque stars took their craft into nightclubs, radio, film and television. Although the Hollywood theatre survived longer than most due to San Diego’s military bases, the prosperity of the theatre finally came to an end in the 1960’s.  As ticket sales stalled, the production quality of the show diminished. Finally, with the movie houses taking attendance from classic, live, burlesque striptease, the Hollywood Theatre, and for awhile the burlesque art form became obsolete. The decision to close the Hollywood in 1970 was difficult but necessary.

For a time, the Hollywood Theatre was at the center of downtown and gave a home to many performers and attendees. For decades, the theatre was recognized as the only place in San Diego that was exclusively dedicated to presenting classic American burlesque.





Furlonger, Jaye. San Diego’s Bygone Burlesque: The Famous Hollywood Theatre.

Zemeckis, Leslie. Goddess of Love Incarnate: The Life of Stripteuse Lili St. Cyr. Counterpoint Press 2015.  Page 119-120.

Photos Pulled from

NorCal Mini Tour

Welcome to my NorCal mini tour, and by mini I mean two shows!

Earlier this year, I was invited to come headline for Va Va Voom Revue in Humboldt, CA. This was my first time headlining for a show, and I was ecstatic! I had been wanting to go to Humboldt after seeing all the lovely things all of it’s performers from their inaugral burlesque festival had said about the city, the people, and of course Kitty and Ophelia Cox.

 So the weekend after Viva Las Vegas, I headed upstate with Jake, who was emceeing the show and also coming from San Diego, and his girlfriend J. I was scheduled to perform Saturday, so I decided to fly into San Francisco the day before to see a friend from college and perform with Red Hots Burlesque. All three of us fly in within minutes of each other, and we set out in the Mission District, where I was performing later that night, to find some food. I don’t know what kind of odd luck we had at that moment, but 7 out of the 8 restaurants were deceptively closed and we were ready to eat! We finally found a Vietnamese spot and ate lunch.  After lunch we set out to get Jake and J a hotel for the night so they could go see her sister. They find this amazing hotel downtown that I wish I could remember the name of, because I would love to come back and stay one day. They get checked in, and let me get changed for the show, which is way less awkward than having to find a clean restroom somewhere. I head down to the El Rio and got really excited and jealous when I realized they were serving oysters. Emphasis on WERE, since they were all out by the time I got there.   

 I find Dottie Lux and Egypt Blaque Knyle, which ironically both Egypt and I live in SoCal and the first time we meet was in San Francisco, and we start getting ready for the show. Our fellow performers start to trickle in and soon the house is full and it’s time to perform. I got to perform my Deftones number, which I adore. It’s slow, sensual, and really sexy. I get to play the vixen I love. Everyone was fantastic and Egypt got to make one bachelorette’s night.   

 After the show I got to see Barbary Doll for a minute before she headed over to the DNA Lounge who was holding their big show that night as well. My girlfriend Alyse picks me up and we fall asleep watching Beetlejuice.

Saturday, I realize that Alyse was further from downtown than I though, and I call a Lyft to get over to Jake and J’s hotel. I make it there in a less glamorous form of myself than I was the night before and we hit the road to go to Humboldt.

Driving away from the city was such a transition to see so many crowded streets to so much undeveloped areas. The longer we drove, the taller the trees became as we made our way through the redwoods. The sky seemed so clear, and everything felt so still and serene, that I wish I had a week to just stay there and take in my surroundings. Even though Jake had made that trip too many times to count, he obliged me and took me through a drive through redwood! As kitschy and touristy as it sounds, it was great!

 We finally make it in town and Kitty had set me up in a gorgeous and quaint hotel called the Eureka Inn, which was where the show was happening that night. As I’m checking in, their girls are there rehearsing and setting up for the show. We say our hellos and I head to my room to change for the night.   

 After a few practice runs in the room, plenty of pre-show dancing, and about an hour of hair and make up, I’m ready to head down to the lobby to check in for the show. Everyone was so sweet and accommodating. All night the girls kept asking me if I needed anything and were just so thoughtful. Kitty and Ophelia even had a special drink made just for me! It was called the Garnet Gimlet, which was sweet and deceptive.  The crowd starts coming in for the show, and their intimate room becomes full quickly. All of their patrons are at eye level for the show, so I sat with J and scanned the room for a few potential victims for my acts.   

 The show starts, and if there is one thing I can say about Humboldt, is that the town may not be big, but that crowd could yell! Act after act, the girls gave their all and looked fabulous doing so, and the crowd loved them right back. It was such a great energy. I perform my first act, which is a slower and more sensual act, and they blew me away with their response. I was in love! I hurried backstage for a quick change as I was closing out the night. I had to pin my headpiece, which takes a bit of time to make sure it’s fairly secure, but luckily I was able to finish in time. Finally I get onstage to Babalu, an act I’ve been developing. I decided to play with the audience for this number, and they loved it! Lucky for them though, I start tassel twirling so hard that I lost one of my pasties, then as the second one was flapping off- well, I’ll let your mind wander with that.   

 And just like that the show was a success! After we get dressed, Jake, J, and I head to a local bar to have a quick drink to celebrate.   

 That next morning we wake up early and head back to San Francisco. Jake took the long way back so I could catch more of the scenery. We drove through the Avenue of Giants, which really made me wish I had a light saber. Finally we get back to San Francisco just in time to drop off the rental car and figure out our flights. *Side Note* SFO has a yoga room that I think everyone should take advantage of.*  I am so grateful for this experience. It was my first time headlining, my first time taking a road trip with Jake and J, and my first time in beautiful Humboldt. Thank you Va Va Voom! And thank you Red Hots Burlesque! Y’all were amazing!

P.S. Kitty also had the best birthday cake made for Jake! It was all pink (inside and out) and had an octopus with a tiara on it. #epic 

SoCal Shows in March

With the craziness of online voting, preparing for Drop Dead Dames’ sold out Valentine’s Day show, and working on improving one of my favorite routines, I forgot to let you know that I got into Viva Las Vegas! It has been such a dream to grace that stage, and now I get the chance to represent my troupe, San Diego, and my community at this amazing competition. Thank you!!

Want to catch a show before Viva? Come see me perform March 7th in Corona for Vulnerable Photography’s Anniversary Show and March 14th at the San Diego House of Blue’s for Lola Demure’s Burlesque and Variety Show. Tickets are on sale now, so don’t miss out!

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