City of Angels Update

So after a long week I have finally gotten the chance to update you on how Dita’s “Strip Strip Hooray” show went.  We got into the car to take off to L.A. from San Diego around 2 p.m. in the rain. Fun I know, especially since no one knows how to drive when you throw a little bit of water on the ground.  Thankfully I come from an area that rains quite often and I was able to get us to L.A. quickly and safely, without getting lost.  That in itself is a miracle!

So we get to my soul sister’s house, go shopping, come home, then take about an hour to get ready.  Being that there were three girls that seems to be a new record.  So here all of us were, dolled up and ready for Dita, so we take off to the Roxy.

We get to the Roxy and get there in time before the line was getting too long.  I was really surprised too though by a few things.  One, they made us stand in the wind and cold for longer than I thought, Two, there wasn’t too many people there for a sold out show, the Roxy really wasn’t as big as I imagined, which had it’s ups and downs, and Three, the L.A. vintage scene was actually pretty disappointing.  I was kind of going with the hope/expectations to be awed by all the pretty painted red lips… but I think I may have been a bit overdressed for this one event.

So after about an hour and a half of standing and waiting, I wanted to slit my wrists for wearing the shoes I did.  Finally, with a very antsy crowd they start! The Emcee, Murray Hill, was probably one of my favorite people that night. They were amazing and had everyone rolling on the floor with his crude humor.  But it’s showbiz! The first act was Dita.  The set, her costumes, the props were just amazing! Seeing her waist in real life did kind of freak me out though.  You see photos and you read her books… but seeing a waist that small in real life was interesting.  She did her classic Martini glass act and was amazingly glamourous. Later she came out and did her powder puff act on point! Once again I cannot express how much I love to see performers do point! Finally for her last act, she did this Geisha routine that had the most GORGEOUS set design ever!

In between her three acts she had several other performers, from a local L.A. dancer to a dancer from New Orleans.  My two favorites were these two. La Cholita was from L.A. and let me tell you, this woman knew how to work a crowd.  She danced with such emotion and intensity, then in the end, she was the only one to tassel twirl. I was in love! I didn’t want her to end! Finally from New Orleans came Miss Perle Noire. This woman was so unbelievable on stage. From where I was standing I couldn’t really see her ground work unfortunately in the first part of her skit, but she went off stage for a minute, giving the crowd the illusion that she was finished, then came out doing a Josephine Baker Number! I’m pretty sure that as soon as I saw her come out in the banana skirt I screamed, “HOLY SHIT SHE’S DOING JOSEPHINE BAKER!” I was so excited that despite my feet killing me I was definitely jumping up and down.

So the show ended, and we were kind of herded out since there was another show right after that.  So after the show, Caitlin, Evelyn, Al and myself decided to find a pub. I’m a sucker for Irish pubs.  We have a few drinks then go out on a late night search for a burrito.  Yea, that is a lot easier in San Diego.  Apparently Los Angeles does not believe in 24 hour taco shops. Unfortunate I know. So we make our way to Pinks…. mhmmmmm hawt dwawg! Believe it or not, I still haven’t taken my 5 inch heels off at this point either, even though I’m not walking with the most grace anymore.

So after our late night escapades we come home, crawl in bed around 1 in the morning, then Al and I have to wake up at for to get back to San Diego by 7 a.m.  Yes I know we are insane.  Thank goodness for caffeine.  So we finally make it back safely, once again in the rain, and I’m there until 5:30. I ended up skipping my night class because I didn’t trust myself driving anymore tired than I already was.  So there you have it! My night at the Roxy! Till next time, stay classy!