Eating Meltdown

So awhile back ago I wrote post talking about trying to eat healthier and leaning more towards a raw food diet. I said that I would catch everyone up so here it is:

I have not been doing good with that. Disappointing I know. But let’s be real. I’m a woman who is in college, makes minimum wage, and who’s extra cash has been going towards costumes, school, and a car who constantly wants to break down.  The reason I’m writing this is because often times I read blogs and people tend to glamorize their life more than it actually is.  Especially those who are entertainers. But lets be honest, times are rough and sometimes we can just do what we have to to survive, and hopefully survive with grace. I recently had a conversation with a friend where she told me that one year her and her husband could only afford to eat beans and tortillas. After hearing that, and realizing where her and her husband are today, it was the perfect inspiration at the perfect time. I’ve felt bad that I don’t have the ability to eat perfectly or even exercise like I should. Society puts so much pressure on us to do everything correct, but let’s face it, most people aren’t in the position to do that all the time.

I’m in no way trying to condone bad eating behavior and lack of exercise for a flurry of excuses. I’m just saying be real. Sometimes we have to put survival, work, school, rent, gas, etc., before we can focus on certain luxuries. So there it is, but you know what? There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.