Elegant Lines and Sexy Little Kittens

Yesterday I had the chance to see a music and pin up event set up by Temptress, a local pin up shop in Ocean Beach.  They had performances by another local troupe, the Caburlesque Kittens as well as an appearance by San Diego’s own Lady Borgia.  It was a good night, full of sexy rockabilly guys as well as stunning ladies with just as much tattoo edge as vintage glamour.

I think my favorite part was seeing Lola Demure perform with the other kittens on point to a contemporary song. From the brief show that they gave, I think that seeing a Caburlesque Kittens show is very different from Hell on Heels, but it let me see the art form in a different light. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had a love for ballet for a long time, or the fact that I have been dying to get into ballet (since I quit when I was young and would have to start with the basics), but last night truly inspired me! Everything about ballet is beautiful, poised, elongated, feminine, and I love when people incorporate it into both burlesque and other “pin up” forms.

On a side not, I’ve been listening Miss Wanda Jackson a lot here lately and have fallen in love with her all over again! If you haven’t heard of her, I seriously suggest checking her out. Talk about a sassy little vixen!

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