Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

Growing up and to this day one of my favorite movies to watch is Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor. The costumes, headdress, and sets were absolutely gorgeous and turned out to be fabulous costume inspiration for my burlesque acts. Here are a few of my favorite looks from this film. Which one is your favorite?

cleopatra-50th-anniversary-blu-ray-dvd-Elizabeth-Taylor-as-Cleopatra_4_rgb-828x1024 tumblr_myw5rqrquS1rpqdi8o1_400 40120decb4240d3a8b6c19260ae7ff79 b463622bffa6cfc2ef0d3e5d7443c0fb cleopatra_1669024c The wax figure of actress Elizabeth Taylor in her role as 'Cleopatra' is pictured at Madame Tussauds Hollywood in Hollywood 1963, CLEOPATRA Elizabeth_Taylor_-_Cleopatra_Promo__Stills_32