Eva Mae is now a Co-Producer!

I have recently accepted the position of co-producing with Ginger N. Whiskey for our troupe, Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue. Since it’s formation I have worked tirelessly to see it prosper through marketing, and now I get a chance to help run it and make Ginger and mine’s vision come to life! Because I have taken on this new responsibility, I am going to take the next year to focus closer to home, with the exception of a few burlesque events and festivals. While I am here though I will be focusing on grander act ideas and costumes, while at the same time trying to build up the troupe and Eva Mae as a brand. So look out boys and girls, Eva Mae has big plans! 

Today, I thought I would leave you with a little vintage showgirl inspiration, basically the things of my dreams! 

Showgirls-2 tumblr_m4av8mouEF1qiflw2o1_500 vintage showgirl Lana-