Feisty Thoughts: Practice – Just F***in Do It

I have spent the last several months talking, thinking, and “wanting” to write. I have written down several goals, many of which included writing, but do you know the one thing I haven’t been doing? Writing. Seems a bit counter productive right? Well duh.

Writing is a skill. Burlesque is a skill. Costume making is a skill. And what all three of these things have in common, is that if you don’t practice, you will never excel at whatever skill you are setting out to achieve. I talk about this ALL THE TIME, but for the past few months, I found excuse after excuse to not do the things that I love so much.

But why? Well, its the reasons that all of us give ourselves: “I’m tired”, “I have other commitments”, “I am not feeling inspired”, “I don’t feel good at what I do”, “so and so does this way better than I do so why should I try?” For months I’ve been settling for these excuses as truths all the while finding time to scroll through social media for HOURS, only to compare myself to these idealized images of others that we create online.

This was counterproductive and ultimately landed me in a depression of woe is me, that one mindset that is comfortable and familiar, but absolutely SUCKS! So here I am now, still feeling many of the above sentiments, wondering why anyone would be interested in what I write and who really cares about the opinion of an outspoken performer, but knowing that if I don’t get in the habit of practicing writing, yes even bad writing, then I can never succeed at my goals.

Ultimately, that is a fact that we have to overcome, knowing that everything we do will no have the Midas touch. If you are an artist, you will at some point and time in your life create crappy art, no matter what the medium. You have to set your ego aside and allow for the process to work without a set destination. You have to love the act of creating so much, that you just stop caring if the end product ends up shyt, or at least know that if your first attempt didn’t succeed, you can always go back and adjust. That’s what art is, it’s evolutionary.   We are (or can be) evolutionary.

So if there is a goal you want to reach, you have to just go out and make the time to practice. Even if it is only 10-20 minutes a day. Set up a schedule on your phone, and block out periods of time that is meant just for you. If we can spend an hour or more on social media mindlessly scrolling wondering why we even care in the first place, then we can afford to take a few moments out of your day to work towards a bigger picture. I promise you will feel better and more accomplished. And if you start feeling bad about your starting point, take time to track your progress. Take a picture or video each time your practice then look back at your work to see how far you’ve grown when you start to have moments of self doubt. You will be surprised with the results. So go out, fucking practice, and as I constantly tell myself, Do Better.

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