Feisty Thoughts: Gratitude

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about the things that I easily take for granted. In the wake of many world events and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, my mind has been plagued with some really heavy thoughts and emotions. In fact, in the midst of trying to keep things light-hearted and acceptable, I have started six other blog posts, only to feel that all of them were entirely too shallow to even post. So instead, I’m going to write down what I am grateful for and focus on the things that we often take for granted.

1- A loving family

I have been blessed with a husband who adores me and pushes me to chase my dreams. I wake up every day to a rambunctious little girl who has a way of bringing joy to everyone she encounters. I have extended family who are my biggest cheerleaders, no matter what the distance. And all of them accept me for who I am and what I love to do.

Family is not to be taken for granted. Sometimes others can’t fully be themselves around their family, or don’t have family to turn to. Sometimes partners aren’t always the most supportive people, and will do what they can to hold back others from reaching their full potential because of their own fears and insecurities. Sometimes, couples aren’t able to have that child that they dreamed of. But the lovely thing about family, is you can create your own. The formula for a loving and supportive family is not set in stone. Whoever your network is for support, love, and care, hold them tight and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

2- My health

As a performer, I have to move, a lot. Often times I don’t think about how lucky I am just to be able to bend my knees, or easily get up and down from the floor. Simple everyday movements can be forgotten until you don’t have the capability to do them. I’ve started adopting a new philosophy at the gym. Instead of dreading the upcoming workout and groaning about it, I think how lucky I am that I can even do this. Think of how fortunate you are to have the energy to even get out of the bed to go for a walk. Treat your bodies with love and watch how it repays you.

3- To be able to perform burlesque without fear.

I think to myself constantly, how different my life would be if I lived in an area that has been overtaken by people who feel that women are objects and their lives are subject to laws that are based off extremism. I get to walk on that stage without fear of imprisonment, punishment, or even worse, death. I get to completely be who I am without having to worry about ruining or taking my life. Everyone who is able to walk their truth should be completely grateful.

4- I get to have petty worries. 

Some of my everyday anxieties involve bills, what to make for dinner, getting costumes and acts completed in time, and reaching my full potential. There are people in the world worrying about clean water, war ravaged lands, and surviving. If you are privileged, please remember this.


I know this post is a bit more somber than you are used to, but sometimes we need that in the world. I recently saw something that said, “Instead of asking our children what they want to be when they grow up, we are asking them what problems do they want to solve.” There is something so simple and prolific about that statement. In the midst of all your gratitude tomorrow, why don’t we ask ourselves what problems do we want to solve. What can we do with our privilege to help make this world better for everyone.  Life is more worth living when everyone is included in the bounty.

Happy Holidays loves!