Life Drawing

If I learned anything last Friday, its that staying completely still for an extended amount of time is difficult! Being pregnant and achy does not help in this feat either, but I did it! I will have to say that I was facing many insecurities getting up there last Friday.

Pregnancy has proved to be difficult, not just emotionally and physically, but on a security level as well. Being a woman, we are VERY well aware of what is going on with our bodies, for better or worse, but being a woman, who just happens to be in the showbiz industry and having very little control over what is taking over can be nerve wracking to say the least. But I remember wise words from a friend who said that she dances burlesque because it celebrates a woman’s body, and if she is going to preach that then she needs to believe that. So that was my first step into celebrating my body for what it currently has morphed into to create another life.

So in saying that, I leave you with a photo taken at the event with the lovely Valentina on the Rocks! xoxo

{Reminders for upcoming events: February 14th my troupe Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue is having our first annual Valentine’s Day show at Queen Bee’s in San Diego. Swing Dance and Burlesque!}

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