November Craziness

November has been a time of learning and and experience. I walked away from Burlycon feeling more connected with my art form than I ever have. I left with a renewed sense of inspiration and applied everything that I was able to absorb in that 4 day intensive into my show this past Friday.

The result? I feel like that has been my best performance to date. Although I had a few costume malfunctions, who hasn’t, I worked them into the choreography without missing a beat. I went onto the stage with the intention of giving my all to the audience, and hope that I was able to show the passion which I feel for burlesque to them.

If you didn’t get the chance to catch my performance, hopefully I will get to perform those acts again soon! They are definitely up there in my favorites.

So now I will leave you with a little elegant inspiration. I’ve been super attracted to the color orange lately, so here is a sneak peak into what I find exquisite at the moment. For more inspiration boards, check out my pinterest.

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