Over the last six months or so, I’ve made strides to improve upon my performance skill set and become a performer who people not only love to watch, but fellow performers look up to and respect. It is my goal to figure out what my place is in this community to help our art form grow. I’ve told you about my quest to BurlyCon, my classes with the lovely Kitten DeVille and Shannon Doah and my constant quest to continue to put myself out there.

I was speaking to a fellow performer, Jacqueline Chaton, and we expressed that the reason why we wish to do more shows is more than just wanting to perform, we want to practice and get more experience onstage. You can practice a thousand times in front of a mirror, but its never the same as finding yourself onstage. For that reason, I may have been burning the candle at both ends, but it feels great!

I was recently given the opportunity to perform in Lady Borgia’s show Shakespeare in the Dark. I took all my notes, all my lessons, and applied them to this performance, and I feel like this was by far my best performance YET! I slowed down, took my time, got in the head of my character and enjoyed myself. The act looked and felt beautiful.

Tomorrow I take off to Boston, where it’s freezing!, and I really hope I can make one hell of an impression! Wish me luck, and I will be sure to post about my traveling diaries!
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