Throughout my burlesque career thus far, I have always had to have my performances as a second thought, and not the center focus of my attention. With recent events, having the baby and staying home, I have had more of an opportunity to focus more on my performances, as long as the baby cooperates, and evolve. I’ve faced a lot of great opportunities this year, but have had my fair share of rejection as well. I’ve sat down, and really critiqued what I like about my performances, and what needs to get better.

I find myself evolving, and trying things that have been done before, just to see where I can spice it up and add a little flavoring of my own. It’s the same concept I use when I cook. I do a couple of recipes where I just follow the ingredients and instructions, then, when I start getting the feel of it, I just wing it and create something original of my own. I feel like lately, I have been following the book, and need to star veering to that special Eva spice that no one else can bring to the table except me. I need to bring back my confidence, which started to get very non-existent towards the end of my pregnancy, and show the world that I know how to have fun on and off stage! (I’m kind of shy too, unless I’m drinking tequila :p)

That being said, I am very excited about my upcoming trip to Burly-Con this year. Not only will I get the chance to learn from some of my favorite performers, but I will be surrounded by women and men who are also trying to perfect their art! This year is the year for revamp! thelegs