Sold Out Show for the Soul

Less than a year ago when the girls and I left our former troupe to create our own vision we faced confusion, hurt, fear and anticipation. Individually each girl had their own reason for leaving, but mine in particular had to do with my own personal burlesque vision and staying within a community that would encourage personal growth and never accept the mundane while reaching for every goal imaginable. I want to perform not only as a troupe, but as a soloist in festivals, other productions, and  throughout the world. The girls and I know that even if we are performing as a soloist, we are representing our troupe and bringing light to what we are doing here in San Diego. We have had our ups and downs, but this last production was justification that we are heading in the right direction.

Untamed: An Animalistic Burlesque Adventure, was only our second major production, and to sell out our venue, while trying different price points that we were told were unattainable for this community was absolutely exhilarating. And the best part was, it’s something that we accomplished as a team. Without the girls who helped with group costumes, or the girls putting out flyers, or the girls helping with the website or especially the girls handling our production portion, we would have never made it this far in such a short amount of time. So I guess what I’m saying is thank you to my burly-q sisters for our continued teamwork in this endeavor, thank you to the other halves for supporting us when we get a little crazy, and thank you to everyone who has/ or will come and see our productions. It’s been a blast and it will only get bigger!

1017107_542452012485157_1319521710_n 1010182_542453585818333_982174804_nPhotos by: Vixen Photography