Swimming Against the Current

I try to keep my blog as non personal concerning my private life as possible, but I also believe that everything about you affects a performance, an outlook, and your life.  So I feel that there are certain things that I can let loose about that makes me the multi dimensional person that I am.

As I’ve stated before I have been looking for something new concerning work. I have a background in cosmetology and my original plan when I moved out to San Diego was to get into a salon and decide the rest from there. A year and a half later this has proved more difficult that originally thought. For about four months after moving out here I couldn’t find ANY job, and in that time decided it would be wise to go back to school and get a degree so that I have something to fall back on.  Well this has in turn made EVERY salon I’ve interviewed with deny me a position as even just an assistant. Needless to say this hits the ego a big hard and being jaded is a hard thing to escape after awhile.

But I think I’ve had an, as my teacher Rochelle would call it, Ah-ha moment. An Ah-ha moment is defined as just that moment of clarity, when you realize you have it, when you can see through the fog for the first time in a very long time.  Although this hasn’t cleared up my future or given me the answers to life, I think that, although I like hair and am actually good at it, I want more in life than what cosmetology can give me.  No offense to the many  amazing hairstylists that I know that have very fulfilling lives, but I’ve always considered myself an artist first (refering to painting and traditional arts).  Maybe my skill learned has just not shown a purpose yet. Maybe it’s not meant to be used in the traditional form.  Regardless, graphic design, painting, and illustration make me happy. I feel like I KNOW what I’m doing and can really go somewhere with it. I may have to play the broke college student game for awhile longer, but right now I’m happy. I’m not stressed about being in an environment that made me uncomfortable. I feel like I’m on the right track.  And that loves is FABULOUS!

So in the spirit of knowing a path here is a little taste of a project I’ve been working on. Burlesque has seemed to overflow into all my work and I am creating a theatre/bar/venue for burlesque and old school freak shows (think more circue du soleil instead of blood and guts). I am calling it Tassels and Tonic and below is the logo that I created for the venue!

Stay Classy!