Thank You To All The Amazing Burlesque Partners

There are those in our sparkle filled lives we don’t always publicly thank. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about all the wonderful burlesque partners that we have in this community, and to them I want to say an often overlooked thank you!

Thank you to the ones who are always there encouraging us as we try something new, or go out for a new opportunity. Thank you to the partners who become like family in our respective burlesque scenes:  always supporting and cheering from the audience, occasionally making last minute frantic runs to the store for forgotten supplies, and making sure we eat on especially stressful show days. Thank you for helping us carry our bags walking into a venue, and even making sure that all of the other performers get safely to their cars or taxis. Thank you for shrugging off the glitter filled hugs, knowing that the next morning you will wake up unable to wash it all off. Thank you for giving us rehearsal time, costume time, venting about local drama time, and time to evolve in this chaotic but wonderful scene. Thank you for understanding what this art form means to us. Thank you for standing up for us when needed, bragging about us when wanted, and holding your head high as we give our all to the stage. Thank you for letting us cry mascara filled tears on your shoulders as our eyelash glue threatens to give out when we feel low. Thank you for telling us you’re proud of us, even when we feel like we failed.
Thank you for being you.
And to Mr. Garnet, thank you for always supporting this journey, and having more patience than I even begin to understand. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. <3
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Burlesque Boogie Nights This Thursday- April 27, 2017

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Welcome back to the April edition of Burlesque Boogie Nights, aka #Gingersshitshow2017! We will be celebrating Ginger N. Whiskey’s birthday with two fabulous performers, Stella Foxtrot and Dee V. Ous. Are you ready for this? Because its going to be a night full of burlesque, craft cocktails, whiskey, and whatever Eva Mae Garnet can think of to get Ginger back from #Evasshitshow2017.

No cover for the night.  Tips appreciated!




Sycamore Den | 3391 Adams Ave, San Diego, California 92116
First set at 9:15 pm and second set starts at 10:15 pm.

Come out and stay for a drink or two.

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Photo by Vixen Photography

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Photo by Steve Edmund

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Panel Skirt Workshop

January 7th at 12:30 PM

Glittertribe Studios
3052 Clairemont Dr, Ste 9
San Diego, California 92117

Panel skirts are a constant favorite in burlesque. Their feminine draping adds an element of tease with just their silhouette onstage. In this workshop Eva Mae Garnet will go over the basics of panel skirt construction. From various technique like adjusting patterns for use, to quick tricks from the legends, come learn how to add this burlesque costume staple to your showgirl closet.
Eva Mae Garnet is a performer, producer, and costumer from San Diego. Making all her own costumes and studying under a handful designers and pattern makers, she has earned notoriety for her custom corsets, headdresses, and panel skirts. Be sure to check out her work at

For this class, please bring a notebook, pen, fabric shears, pins, and a measuring tape if you will be working on your skirts in this workshop.

Cost: $20
Please reserve your spot online:

Get Ready for a Groovy Time!

Whiskey & Fuego is proud to announce our inaugural monthly show, Burlesque Boogie Nights at the Sycamore Den!


Are you ready for a bangin’ good time? Then head out to the Sycamore Den for the first installment of our new monthly show “Burlesque Boogie Nights”. With foxy ladies, blazin’ hips, and performances that will make you glad you left the crib, we’ll have you leaving yelling Boo-YAH!

Eva Mae Garnet Burly-q
Ginger N. Whiskey
Lilly Holiday
Coco L’Amour

Catch both shows at 9:15 PM and 10:15 PM.
There is NO COVER but tips are highly encouraged.

Let’s Boogie!

Burlesque Bingo- San Diego Edition

For the FIRST time in San Diego, we are proud to present the ORIGINAL Burlesque Bingo at the historic Lafayette Hotel!

What is Burlesque Bingo? It’s not just Burlesque…. It’s not just Bingo. It’s the striptease game show where we take it off and you win!

Celebrities and civilians alike have been shouting out ‘Bingo!’ at Audrey DeLuxe’s game show ever since it’s premiere at the world famous Viper Room. She and her cast of bingo girls have been playing games with L.A. ever since.

Now, these bombshells are set to take over the world one bingo card at a time. Win fabulous prizes every round! Are You Game?


Audrey Deluxe
Eva Mae Garnet
Ginger N. Whiskey
Jacqueline Chaton
Dee V’Ous
Valentina On The Rocks
Dottie Deville
Stella Foxtrot
Veronica Velvet

Dinner options will be available but MUST be ordered at the time of ticket purchases. There will not be an option to purchase dinner the night of if you don’t have it included in your tickets.

21+ Event

Doors at 7:00 pm
Dinner at 7:30 pm
Show starts promptly at 8:30 pm


53rd Anniversary Dinner: Fearless Voices

Attending the 53rd Annual Planned Parenthood Dinner was an honor. The event was a great fundraising success, raising well over $1 million—with more than $240,000 raised from a generous match challenge. Being surrounded by hundreds of people who believed in the good of this organization which brings the community readily accessible facilities that offer care for basic human needs was a heart-warming feeling. But sitting there, listening to the insightful and hard-working guest speakers made it all too obvious the dangers this organization and it’s patients withstand. Living in a world with so much to offer, it’s a cumbersome realization that there are people living among us refusing reason and clinging to hate. One day I hope that the struggles of these men and women are rewarded and the fight for reproductive equality a success.


Photos featuring: Lola Demure, Valentina Unity, Remele Sparks, Gia La Dolce, Millie Marie, J, and Bawdy Show producers Matt and Lily
Dress I’m wearing is from South Park’s Bad Madge in San Diego.

Eva Mae is now a Co-Producer!

I have recently accepted the position of co-producing with Ginger N. Whiskey for our troupe, Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue. Since it’s formation I have worked tirelessly to see it prosper through marketing, and now I get a chance to help run it and make Ginger and mine’s vision come to life! Because I have taken on this new responsibility, I am going to take the next year to focus closer to home, with the exception of a few burlesque events and festivals. While I am here though I will be focusing on grander act ideas and costumes, while at the same time trying to build up the troupe and Eva Mae as a brand. So look out boys and girls, Eva Mae has big plans! 

Today, I thought I would leave you with a little vintage showgirl inspiration, basically the things of my dreams! 

Showgirls-2 tumblr_m4av8mouEF1qiflw2o1_500 vintage showgirl Lana-

Sold Out Show for the Soul

Less than a year ago when the girls and I left our former troupe to create our own vision we faced confusion, hurt, fear and anticipation. Individually each girl had their own reason for leaving, but mine in particular had to do with my own personal burlesque vision and staying within a community that would encourage personal growth and never accept the mundane while reaching for every goal imaginable. I want to perform not only as a troupe, but as a soloist in festivals, other productions, and  throughout the world. The girls and I know that even if we are performing as a soloist, we are representing our troupe and bringing light to what we are doing here in San Diego. We have had our ups and downs, but this last production was justification that we are heading in the right direction.

Untamed: An Animalistic Burlesque Adventure, was only our second major production, and to sell out our venue, while trying different price points that we were told were unattainable for this community was absolutely exhilarating. And the best part was, it’s something that we accomplished as a team. Without the girls who helped with group costumes, or the girls putting out flyers, or the girls helping with the website or especially the girls handling our production portion, we would have never made it this far in such a short amount of time. So I guess what I’m saying is thank you to my burly-q sisters for our continued teamwork in this endeavor, thank you to the other halves for supporting us when we get a little crazy, and thank you to everyone who has/ or will come and see our productions. It’s been a blast and it will only get bigger!

1017107_542452012485157_1319521710_n 1010182_542453585818333_982174804_nPhotos by: Vixen Photography



Where is Eva Mae?

It’s been awhile since I last updated my site, but I promise I have not disappeared! Sweethearts and Swing, our last show for Drop Dead Dames was such a success! Thank you to everyone who came out, and all that put in the time and effort behind the scenes to make the event a success. I revealed two new acts, both dedicated to pregnant burlesque, obviously, and was really excited to see/hear the response from everyone. I love that there is such a positive vibe around my decision to continue to dance throughout my pregnancy!

Last weekend, our troupe had the chance to perform our first new group number at Valentina Martin’s latest production, The Burlesque Circus! It was really exciting to be featured as a troupe and get the chance to even share the stage with Raven F’Moore! Then on Saturday, I got the chance to perform with none other than La Cholita! Ever since the first time I saw her perform with Dita Von Teese in her production, Strip Strip Hooray, I was floored by La Cholita! It was an honor to help her out, as well as an amazing birthday present!

Now back in San Diego, catch me March 3rd at Rods for a Cause with some of my other favorite performers, Lola Demure and Dottie DeVille, as well as some swinging music! Then March 16th at the Void see me and the girls as well as The Chop Tops, The Strikers, Los Gatos Locos and many more for Whiskey Weekend at the Void in San Diego! So don’t miss out!! xoxo

Rods For a Cause

Whiskey Weekend


Life Drawing

If I learned anything last Friday, its that staying completely still for an extended amount of time is difficult! Being pregnant and achy does not help in this feat either, but I did it! I will have to say that I was facing many insecurities getting up there last Friday.

Pregnancy has proved to be difficult, not just emotionally and physically, but on a security level as well. Being a woman, we are VERY well aware of what is going on with our bodies, for better or worse, but being a woman, who just happens to be in the showbiz industry and having very little control over what is taking over can be nerve wracking to say the least. But I remember wise words from a friend who said that she dances burlesque because it celebrates a woman’s body, and if she is going to preach that then she needs to believe that. So that was my first step into celebrating my body for what it currently has morphed into to create another life.

So in saying that, I leave you with a photo taken at the event with the lovely Valentina on the Rocks! xoxo

{Reminders for upcoming events: February 14th my troupe Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue is having our first annual Valentine’s Day show at Queen Bee’s in San Diego. Swing Dance and Burlesque!}