Thank You To All The Amazing Burlesque Partners

There are those in our sparkle filled lives we don’t always publicly thank. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about all the wonderful burlesque partners that we have in this community, and to them I want to say an often overlooked thank you!

Thank you to the ones who are always there encouraging us as we try something new, or go out for a new opportunity. Thank you to the partners who become like family in our respective burlesque scenes: ¬†always supporting and cheering from the audience, occasionally making last minute frantic runs to the store for forgotten supplies, and making sure we eat on especially stressful show days. Thank you for helping us carry our bags walking into a venue, and even making sure that all of the other performers get safely to their cars or taxis. Thank you for shrugging off the glitter filled hugs, knowing that the next morning you will wake up unable to wash it all off. Thank you for giving us rehearsal time, costume time, venting about local drama time, and time to evolve in this chaotic but wonderful scene. Thank you for understanding what this art form means to us. Thank you for standing up for us when needed, bragging about us when wanted, and holding your head high as we give our all to the stage. Thank you for letting us cry mascara filled tears on your shoulders as our eyelash glue threatens to give out when we feel low. Thank you for telling us you’re proud of us, even when we feel like we failed.
Thank you for being you.
And to Mr. Garnet, thank you for always supporting this journey, and having more patience than I even begin to understand. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. <3

Love Your Audience

I started this post as a laundry list of reasons why I sometimes don’t attend other local burlesque shows. The reasons ranged from money to getting a sitter to downright exhaustion. But the longer I looked at these reasons, the more I realized that these were not circumstances that were isolated to performers, producers, or the burlesque community. These were reasons why audience members across the board may not attend a show. 

As I sat there, reading what I wrote, I began to appreciate every last audience member that has come out to our productions even more. They have taken the time to plan an evening around us, make plans for any children they may have, gotten dressed up, withstood any exhaustion they may have to support our troupe and catch a show. That means more than I can ever express. 

I know it can be easy to get caught up in numbers and preshow stress, but always take a moment to be thankful for every person that makes their way out to your show. Without them, we would only be performing for ourselves and a few friends. 

We love you guys!