3 Simple Ways to Add Glamour into Your Life

Glamour isn’t about how much money you spend, or having all the latest trends. Glamour is about creating a polished look with self confidence to back it up. Creating a well-curated and glamorous look may seem like a big undertaking, so to get you started, I’ve highlighted three of my favorite ways to spruce up a look into a glorious affair. Hope you enjoy, and have fun experimenting with your own personalized style.

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Panel Skirt Workshop

January 7th at 12:30 PM

Glittertribe Studios
3052 Clairemont Dr, Ste 9
San Diego, California 92117

Panel skirts are a constant favorite in burlesque. Their feminine draping adds an element of tease with just their silhouette onstage. In this workshop Eva Mae Garnet will go over the basics of panel skirt construction. From various technique like adjusting patterns for use, to quick tricks from the legends, come learn how to add this burlesque costume staple to your showgirl closet.
Eva Mae Garnet is a performer, producer, and costumer from San Diego. Making all her own costumes and studying under a handful designers and pattern makers, she has earned notoriety for her custom corsets, headdresses, and panel skirts. Be sure to check out her work at evamaegarnet.com.

For this class, please bring a notebook, pen, fabric shears, pins, and a measuring tape if you will be working on your skirts in this workshop.

Cost: $20
Please reserve your spot online:

Feisty Thoughts: Showgirl Mama

Some of you may already know this, but beyond being a performer, a producer, and a traveling showgirl, I am also a mother to a very feisty little girl who will be three this April. From the moment that I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, literally the next day, I was onstage and determined to not let this pregnancy trample my dreams of being a traveling burlesque performer. I worked diligently throughout my pregnancy, altering costumes and acts, to better support my growing belly and growing ambition. I performed up until a month before she was born. When she was only two months old, I traveled with her across the country for my first burlesque competition in Charleston, South Carolina.

As she got older, I continued to travel and perform whenever I was given the opportunity. She came with me to Charlotte when she was young and still breast-feeding. Later I went to Seattle, Texas, Toronto, New York, London, and so many other places on my own. Sometimes I would opt for a quick trip, landing the day of the show and leaving directly after the conclusion of the event, which could be either a night or a weekend. Sometimes my husband would care for her like when I took off for nine days to go to New Orleans and Albuquerque. But one thing was for sure, the older she became, the more difficult it was to leave her.

Every trip I cry. Not just a few tears streaming down my face, I mean ugly cry. I text my girlfriend, Sassy Stiletto, to remind myself why I do what I do, and if I am making the right decision as a parent. Each time I read her response through my tears telling me that if I don’t take care of myself, of my own dreams and aspirations, then I will have nothing to give my daughter. And although that makes me feel better, as I tuck her into bed, or kiss her goodbye at the airport repeating the one phrase that I have told her since she was an infant in my arms, “Mommy always comes back to you,” it doesn’t make it any easier. But still, I get on that plane, and I give the audience every ounce of me that I possibly have to give.

Once I get to my destination it’s usually easier. I see my friends who I don’t always see and performances that inspire me to continue bettering my craft, but every now and then you just have to have a moment to yourself. I remember when I was competing in London, about an hour before I was supposed to hit the stage with my stage make-up in tact and nervous energy flowing rampantly, I heard this family from the other table call to their little girl, about three years older than my daughter, “Brody”. Now Brody is not a very common name for little girls, and I had yet to meet another one until this moment, but I looked to the family and clarified whether or not their daughter’s name was Brody. Of course when they responded yes, I sat there, attempting to continue a polite conversation while fighting back tears. Finally, as my voice started to crack and I could no longer hid the tears running down my face as I was forcing myself to smile, I excused myself directly to the bathroom where I broke down in a crying hysteria all the while trying to save most of my stage make-up.

At the moment, I have cut back my travel significantly. This decision wasn’t made directly because of my daughter, other goals and aspirations definitely weighed in, but at this very, very, very, VERY difficult stage (yes moms to older children, I know it only gets worse – I mean new “challenges” later on present themselves) I thought it would be best to spend more time with her until we get past this phase. But if you do find yourself traveling with little ones, I have a few tips to help you survive.

  1. Remember the reasons why you do this. Being a mother means giving so much of yourself to someone else. It’s easy to lose your own identity in this mix and will continue to be a juggling act as they get older. Remember to take care of yourself and remember your dreams pre-baby.
  2. Facetime/Skype often. Technology is remarkable, and calling and seeing my baby girl, even before she talked, really helped to alleviate the guilt and longing… a bit.
  3. Have a support system back home you can trust. Having people who know your child, and who you trust with your baby’s life is imperative. Whether it’s mom/dad, grandparents, relatives, or just a very good family friend to take care of your little ones, make the decision that you will be most relieved with.
  4. Give all the information you can before you leave. Make all the lists you need to feel like if something happens to your child, they know where to call. It’s okay to have plans A through Z mapped out if it’s going to make you feel better. Whether or not they will follow it to a T is another story, but if it will help you sleep at night, then do what you have to do.
  5. Have a special phrase for you and your little one. I was terrified that Brody was going to think I left her for good, so I always reiterate to her that no matter what, I will come back. Every time I get off Facetime or when I leave, I repeat this to her, and after a while, she just knows. It’s almost like a mantra for just you two, even if they can’t repeat it yet.
  6. Allow yourself moments to disconnect. Don’t forget to make friends. Have fun. Do all the things that non-parents do when you are gone. Don’t feel guilty about having fun. If you spent all your time doing that, then what’s the point of leaving in the first place.

Being a mama and a traveling showgirl is a difficult challenge. But I promise you, you can do it. <3

The Girl Can’t Help It Lookbook

Every time I walk into The Girl Can’t Help It I feel as if I was transported through time. With bold red walls, racks and racks of pristine and unique vintage, and accessories that will make you gasp, this store easily sets itself apart from its neighbors. One of my favorite vintage purchases happened there. I decided to start the search for my wedding dress at Sparkle and Jasja’s store, and in less than 30 minutes, walked out with a gorgeous mesh sequin dress that was perfect for a Hawaii beach wedding. Ever since then, I have been hooked.


As I was casually browsing their online store, I decided to put together some of my favorite pieces that you can currently purchase there.


The first thing I noticed about this dress were the sleeves! Sheer chiffon and in red too? Pinch me, it’s too perfect!


I adore this flirty number! The sleeves, the length, and the fabric pattern just makes me want to dance all night. And who is that lady modeling for you there? 😉


Oh if only I had the chest to fill out this dress like this lovely model does! You can start planning ahead for your New Year’s dress, because I’m pretty sure THAT is how you are supposed to start the year off.


With Viva right around the corner, I’m pretty sure this swimsuit will be snagged up in no time! Imagine sitting poolside in this stunner!


I am a sucker for asymmetrical cuts. And ladies, who doesn’t need another elegant black dress? They are classic, slimming, and always fashionable!


Although these are my current favorites from their online store, I know Sparkle has some hidden gems in the store. So if you find yourself in San Diego, be sure to stop in and tell them Eva Mae sent you! <3 Till next time!


Brought to you by Sparkle (aka Gail Higgins) & Jasja Boelhouwer.Our customers have included celebrities,designers, collectors, and you-the vintage aficionados! And our items have featured in magazines,movies, ad campaigns & catwalks over the years.

After over 25 years of selling in our well-known shop in London, we will now be previewing our American selection of vintage goodies- now available worldwide 24 hours a day, for your viewing and shopping pleasure.For all the people who are sorry we left London, and all the people who couldn’t physically make it to our shop,we intend to provide you with the same quality and service online that we’ve always been known for in person.
We have worn,bought & sold vintage for years & want you to be as excited about owning something unique as we are.
When in San Diego,please visit us at THE GIRL CAN’T HELP IT, 3806 Grim Ave,San Diego 92115.  And you can follow us here.

Burlesque Legend, Patti Waggin

If there is one thing to be said about the legendary Patti Waggin, it’s that her energy was intoxicating. Born in 1926 to vaudevillian parents, Patti, born Patricia Artae Brownwell, grew up with show business running through her veins. After dropping out from Chico State College in California, she began to perform burlesque throughout the country. She was well known throughout her career, and by the time she met her third husband, professional baseball player, Don Rudolph, she was appearing on the top 10 lists of strippers in the country.

Patti Waggin’s burlesque numbers were fun, energetic, and quirky. Her movements were very reminiscent of her times, performing mostly bump and grind burlesque. She was captivating onstage, often giving a smile and a friendly wink, inviting the audience to have fun with her.


Off stage Patti was quite the athlete, having participated and won in various motor cycle races. While she was married to Don, she would often put on a catcher’s mitt and help her beloved husband warm up for the game. Don was incredibly supportive of his wife and her chosen career, often ignoring the field chatter from the opposing team and their thoughts on Patti’s profession. One of his plans for life after baseball was to open a club for his wife and call it Don Rudolph’s Patti Waggin. Sadly, he died in a tragic car accident in 1968 at the age of 37.

Patti was considered one of the friendliest girls on the burlesque circuit and even answered all her own fan mail. She kept these letters and incorporated them into a book called, “Fan Letters To A Stripper: A Patti Waggin Tale.” In 1992, she passed away from an intestinal disorder.


Patti’s style of burlesque is one of my favorites. The athleticism she incorporated into her routines, her delightful smile, and her bumps that won’t stop are reasons why she is one of my favorite burlesque legends. You can read more about here on her official website here.

Vintage Fetish

So I’ve been thinking about taking my site in a new direction. I will be doing more photoshoots, videos, and more this upcoming year, including, some fetish work. In my recent research, I have come across some new favorite images and I thought that you would enjoy them as well. Keep an ear out for new content and be sure to sign up for my email list here: Email Sign Up

In the meantime, enjoy!

A Showgirl’s Prayer

As I step onto this stage, let my light shine through.

Let me connect with all in the audience, and leave each person feeling special and desired.

Let each glance, wink, and smile translate into love and appreciation.

If I fall, let me think quickly to turn my stumble into a graceful transition.

Let me dance in the moment, and seize the opportunity to give my all onstage.

Let my music start and finish correctly, and my lighting look most flattering.

Let me make a moment to remember, a story to later tell friends.

And if I mess up beyond repair, let this act turn into a comedy that will be forgiven with a smile!

Viva Las Vegas 2015

At the beginning of this year I was voted into the Miss Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition by all of you. (Thank you!) The next few months, I worked diligently on bettering my costume, working through my routine, and preparing myself mentally for the biggest performance of my burlesque career to date. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was petrified at letting down myself, my troupe, and my community.  


So the time finally came to make the trek out to Vegas for the weekend. My husband and I left on Thursday and stayed with one of my favorite photographers, Kathleen, from MKS Images. We made it out there, got our wrist bands, had dinner, and headed out to watch some good old fashioned Burlesque Bingo produced by Audrey Deluxe. She had a stellar cast including one of my favorite burlesque inspirations, Jeez Loueez. Of course she did not disappoint. Like she so skillfully does, she worked that crowd and teased the audience. I also got to see the tantalizing Ms. Redd, who did this sultry number that left everyone with their mouths open. After multiple bingo losses, yet many burlesque wins, we retired for the night to get some much needed sleep.  


Friday the burlesque and pin up contestants did a private meet and greet which turned public later on. I was very relieved to realize that everyone was just as excited, and nervous as I was. We all got to talk, laugh, and feel awkward together as the public came into the room. We later split to go get ready for the burlesque showcase, but first Charlotte Treuse, Pinky Deville and I decided to go eat in the Orleans. After much laughter, stories, and of course food selfies, we quickly became friends, and basically inseparable for the remainder of the weekend.   

      Finally it was time to go watch the Burlesque Showcase with one of the best line ups that I’ve seen in awhile. Not only that, but we got to watch it in a private box with burlesque legends, Tiffany Carter, Dusty Summers, and Marinka. No big deal. The show was phenomenal. Perle Noire made me question why anyone continues to try and improve when she has mastered it all. Lou Lou D’Vil was a rock star on stage. Kitten and Lou might be my favorite duo in the world. Inga Ingenue moves like a fierce goddess. And Cora Vette makes the difficult job of emceeing look like a breeze. As I watched everyone grace the stage, I became more and more excited that I would even be on it the next evening.

After the show, Charlotte, Pinky, Al, and I decided to go to Frankie’s Tiki Bar. If you have never been to Frankie’s, you should. That should also be enough to convince you to, because once you walk in there, you understand why it’s so popular. We got our drinks, with the mugs to go of course, and headed home so we could get some rest. 


 Saturday, I wake up entirely too early. Surprisingly most of my anxiety is gone, but I decide to go get a massage at the Orleans to really calm down. I make my appointment, get some breakfast, then head over for a hot stone massage. It is my belief that everyday should start like this, but I doubt that would really be financially possible. Maybe if I had fuck you money then that is the way my mornings would go. After spending more time in the sauna (post-massage) then I probably should have, I go back to my hotel to get ready. I set my hair, put on my face, and head down to tech. We get there and the amazing David Bishop is there running the show like a rock star. As soon as I get there, I go into tech. They start my song, and HOLY SHIT! The stage is so large that just walking across it is a task. I start to get nervous, but I run through my routine anyways and run to get a slice of pizza with Dottie Deville, Matt, and Al.

After the lovely greasy hotel pizza, I head backstage and get ready and stretch. Next thing I know, doors open, then right on time the show starts. My heart starts pounding because there is no way to turn back now. I keep repeating to myself, “Crazy, Sexy, Fun.” Finally its my turn. The music starts, I start my routine and keep smiling, hoping that I can make the audience feel special. It’s time for my skirt reveal, and it comes off weird! Oh no, just keep moving, smile and try to vamp it up. No one will know right? I throw in a couple of bumps and grinds, and one that made me go, “Hmmmm… I hope that didn’t look weird,” then onto my favorite part of the song when I do my back arch. The audience was so loud, and that feeling was so triumphant that it stills gives me chills when I think about it. Then just as quickly as it started, I’m off stage. Jeez Loueez tweets that “I KILLED IT!” I start crying because to have validation like that from a performer that I admire so much was probably the best prize that I could walk away with. But the show continues, and judging is next.

They bring everyone out onstage and I try and plaster a smile onto my face. I don’t think I was breathing the entire time, and my heart was racing. It’s very vulnerable to have an audience in front of you in a very vocal way judge you after months of preparation. But they do the sound-o-meter, tally up the votes, and next thing I know they call me up as 2nd Runner Up in the competition! I never even expected to place, I was astounded. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. Then 1st Runner Up is Madeline Sinclaire! I was so excited to see her with me. Finally Miss Viva Las Vegas was crowned Tosca! And just like that, everything was over. I walk off stage and didn’t really know how to process what just happened. I told my husband, I don’t know what to do, I don’t win things. He laughed and told me how proud he was.  


 After the show, since none of us had really been drinking, Charlotte, Pinky, Al, Marinka, and I decided to head over to Frankie’s to celebrate. We are met there by David Bishop, Kitten and Lou, Inga, and Jeez Loueez. There was a moment where I had to stop and ask if this was real life?!?! We had such a blast, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to get to know everyone a little better. We head back to the home for some drunk sleep.  


 Sunday we traveled for what seemed like an eternity. We get home, and I crashed. The whole weekend felt like a whirlwind, but I’m incredibly grateful for every experience along the way. The people I met were inspiring, the experience was unforgettable, and my heart is eternally full. Thank you to everyone who voted to get me there. Thank you to my husband who was the best partner I could ask for. And thank you universe for all the opportunities that you open up. <3 


Voting is Still Going On

I know a month long online vote is a lot, so I really appreciate the time and effort everyone puts into voting for me. I am still in the running and  I really need your help, because without YOU I won’t be going to the Miss Viva Las Vegas burlesque competition.

To Vote Go Here:

Enter in your email and the captcha message, then confirm the link they send to your email and you’re done! The competition is one vote per email and IP address, so you can vote both at home and at work. 😉

Thank you to everyone and I hope you enjoy this video I threw together for you. 😉

Send Eva Mae to Vegas

Hi everyone! This year I decided to enter into the Miss Viva Las Vegas competition, but I need your help to get me there. Winners are chosen through online voting from our fans. That means I need YOU to send me to Vegas.

I know that there are many fabulous performers, so I hope that you will consider voting for me. Voting is one per email and one per IP address, which means you can vote at home and at work.

I know online voting isn’t fun and I really appreciate the time and effort everyone puts into voting for me. I couldn’t do this without all your love and support, so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! Xoxo

To vote: Click the link below. Select my photo and submit. Don’t forget to confirm your vote through email. If you didn’t get a confirmation, they didn’t get your vote. ?