Feisty Thoughts: The Evolution of an Act

When I first started burlesque, I thought each act debut had to be perfect. It had to be the pinnacle of burlesque and the most BHoF worthy act ever created. Obviously, when first starting you don’t have the skill set to present the act you envision, but in my perfectionist mind, this was the only way to debut an act.

The longer I perform though, the more I realize that a debut is like a working rough draft. You get your basic ideas on the stage, tailor them to the best of your time and ability, and expect to redo, scratch, and recreate the more you perform it. No mater what you do, there will be mistakes and parts that don’t work, and sometimes, the only way to discover that, is by getting it onstage. Just like proof reading, sometimes you need multiple eyes, and multiple drafts before you get it right. Many of my favorite acts have been workshopped with top performers and I constantly send videos out for feedback. Something to keep in mind is that many top performers’ acts have been performed for years and years, with many iterations.

So the next time you create an act, leave some room to play. Leave a few eight counts of improv to see what your audience likes.  Remember it takes years of refinement to get it right.