The Show Must Go on!

So I was really tired after last night’s show that I didn’t have a chance to update everyone on how everything went.  As I was driving downtown I realized how nervous I really was.  My palms were sweaty, which made parallel parking on the left side rather difficult, and my heart was pounding.  When you create an act you are prepared.  You know when all your cues are, you know the line up of the show and you also know that when everything is done you are done.  I am one of those people who does not like the unexpected. I don’t like the anticipation of something going wrong.   So needless to say pulling off being a card girl was…. unnerving.

So we get to the venue, wait until all the guest arrive and are ready for the show then go into the food closet/storage area to go get changed.  There were a few male employees that accidentally walked into the room in the midst of us changing and were adorably embarrassed.  Then all the sudden the music goes on and Claudia is telling me to go! I was so caught off guard and nervous that I’m pretty sure I looked like I had jello legs at first as I took four or five turns at the sign before getting it right to the crowd. Martini Bombshell goes on stage, rocks it, then it’s time for me to go out and pick up her clothes, all cutesy of course, and bring them back to the changing room, which felt like it was a mile away, then bring out the next performers sign before her act.  Are you beginning to see why I was a bit unruly? So I’m out there dancing around and acting like I do in my bedroom when no one is watching.  Well Martini was wearing the overly sequin and beaded bra and when I went to go pick it up from off stage the clasps got stuck on one leg in my fishnets, and the beads got stuck in the other leg fishnet! It took everything I had in me to not panic and get the bra off cute… and I think it worked.

But as the night continued I started to even out and played a bit with the audience, who was AWESOME by the way! The last number that Ginger did required more time for her to change into her finale costume.  So to keep the audience entertained for a little minute I brought my handy dandy tassels! Yes, you got it, Miss Eva Mae Garnet revealed a bit of tassel twirling which will even be incorporated into my next act for our June 25th show! So the night was a success and I can’t wait until the next show! Until next time!