Tiki Oasis 2015

For the last 5 years, I have been going to Tiki Oasis. It’s my favorite San Diego staycation where I get to hang out with so many of my favorite people. 

This year Dottie Deville was hosting an epic room party that my troupe was performing for. We had a killer line up and the Cat Eye Club and The Oblong Box were sponsoring it. All night there were bands, dancing, burlesque, and of course booze. It’s easy to see why by the end of the night you find the rallyers and the day drinkers.

My burlesque sister, Stella Foxtrot was in the running for Miss Tiki Oasis. She worked that stage like a pro during the contest and even managed an opportunity to use the word Uranus in her quick interview. It’s a talent, trust me. She took home 1st Runner up for the pageant though and made all of us so proud! 
The Oblong Shop was hosting this year’s fashion show and we may have taken it up a notch. This thing was way more than just pretty girls walking around a pool. There was a plot, tension, space pin ups, and of course a robot! I got to be a space babe who was curious about tiki culture and the fashion. 

The dames also entered into the costume contest this year. If you didn’t manage to see us, then apparently you weren’t at Tiki Oasis because we were everywhere! We all went as pin up pageant planets. Everyone was absolutely adorable and we were the biggest couple of the group. In case you were wondering, we did include Pluto. It’s important too ya know! 

Finally, this year I was asked to perform the Saturday night Midnight Burlesque Showcase with so many of my favorite performers! Di’Lovely slayed the stage. Jolie Goodnight gave some epic face while performing with her Miss Tiki Oasis 2015 sash. Ruby Joule made us realize that tassels can never be too long. Jessabelle Thunder captivated the entire audience. Dottie Deville flirted with the band. Coco Lectric was my queen. (Seriously she is just art) and soooo many others including the lovely Kitten Deville who decide to get a little help from the audience in a very sexy way. I love the energy from the Tiki Oasis crowd. 

This year was the most fun I’ve ever had, and each year it just gets a little bit better. I hope to see you all in sunny San Diego next year for Tiki Oasis because if not, you’re missing out! 

In case you are wondering, the little girl is mini Garnet and she also had a blast. I have a future tiki mama on my hands.