Top 10 Things We Forget For A Show

At some point in your showbiz career you have probably all had one (or all) of these moments. You start prepping for your act, putting on all your costume pieces then BAM, you realize you forgot something! If you are with performers you perform with regularly, you begrudgingly stoop to the inevitable question of can you borrow XY or Z, all the while getting that face that says “Yes, I would love to help, but get your shit together.” If you are traveling and with a group of performers you don’t often find yourself surrounded by, you may have that internal battle of “Do I just figure out how to work around this, or do I make my first impression as THAT performer.” But when it comes down to it, we are all human, and some of these small, rhinestone encrusted pieces tend to slip our minds from time to time. So relax, but try not to let it happen again. 😉

10. Nails


We have all had that day when we are running around town trying to pick up last-minute stockings while setting our hair and dealing with everyday life events, then we get to the venue only to realize that last weeks nail polish has chipped and our toes look no better. If you are lucky enough to carry nail polish on you, you throw a quick coat over your haggard nails convincing yourself that the audience won’t be able to tell from where they are, and if not you start chipping away moments before your act leaving you with no time to get in the zone. Damn you phalanges!

9. Jewelry


Alright costume is on, now what am I missing? Jewelry! Granted that you don’t HAVE to have jewelry for an act, but it does add a level of polish while you are standing there in a g-string and pasties.

8. Glitter


Once again, not completely necessary to an act unless you are doing a glitter pour/reveal, but there is something magical about standing almost nude onstage draped in some sort of glittery substance and watching as the stage lights reflect delectably off your body. Plus I’ve always loved a good glitter red lip. 😉

7. Stockings


This one is my own personal nemesis. Not that I necessary forget my stocking each time, but remembering to check if they are any good! How many times have you gone to put your stockings on then realize that there is a massive run in them! Not the most glamorous thing in the world.

6. Eyelashes/Eyelash glue


Thou shalt not step onto the stage without eyelashes! If you forget these babies, then you better run to the nearest CVS and take care of that quickly. Regular mascara will not suffice. The burlesque gods have spoken. 😉

5. Cash for the bar


Many shows will have drink tickets available, but even if you use them, tip your bartender! (This mostly goes for US performers. When I went to the UK I learned that tipping is not really necessary, unless you want them to treat you really well.) Sometimes a quick trip to the atm is necessary, but take care of those who take care of you.

4. Pastie Adhesive

Shape Tape at

Shape Tape at

Awesome! We remembered to pack our tiny gorgeous pasties, but what…. NO ADHESIVE? I mean if you are really in a bind I guess you could try eyelash glue, but if you have teflon nipples like myself, you better start asking/begging around. If someone is sweet enough to let you use theirs though, bring them some extra next time you see them. After all taking someone’s last bit of pastie tape is a pretty big faux pas.

3. Business Cards


You never know who you will meet at any event! From possible producers, to photographers, to that dream opportunity that just randomly caught your show, make sure your first impression is made with grace and professionalism by handing them your well designed business card! If you don’t have any, contact your local designers to get your new calling cards made.

2. Stretching

Yoga Pilates Single Leg Stretch

Yoga Pilates Single Leg Stretch

There is no better way to completely get into your body before a big performance than to stretch. Going on stage cold is never a good idea. You want your muscles nice and loose before strutting across the stage. If you can’t stretch backstage because of space, try stretching at home and wearing some sort of backstage sweat pants to help keep your muscles warm.

1. Eating


We’ve all done it more times than we would like to admit. You spend so much time worrying about getting to the venue in time that you skip dinner. You start prepping for your act, then it hits you in the most unpleasant way, you forgot to eat! As appealing as it is to think about your love affair with food as you seduce the crowd, it may leave the audience feeling like you want to eat them. 😉 Bring some snacks with you backstage just in case.

If you are constantly forgetting to bring items to shows, try making a packing list each show. Otherwise, hopefully you perform in areas that have store access for things you need. You have some things to add to the list? Comment below with some of your most forgetful items!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Things We Forget For A Show

  1. May I propose another important thing? The music for your show.
    Preferably sent it upfront AND bring it on USB and CD, even have it somewhere in the cloud.
    As (burlesque show) organizer and DJ it happened too often we had stress about a show tune. Either the (home burned) cd didn’t work on a particular (professional) cd player, the USB stick isn’t reckonized by the Mac (or PC) (use Ex-Fat, that works on both platforms!), the track on the phone of artist was locked with a code I had to ask while she was onstage… etc. Also make sure you make/have it in good quality: mp3 at 320 Kbps is fine (mostly I get it on 128 kbps, but it isn’t so good as it can be if it is amplified). Also name the track the same as your act in the line-up. Good luck, and be prepared.

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