I find myself at my wits end.  I’m in a situation where I must determine if I should let finances rule my life, while crossing my fingers, or if I should listen to my gut and walk away. There is never a full week of pure bliss, and I feel like I’m walking on egg shells no matter what I do. I’m not going in the direction I want to while staying there, but right now if I leave, I will be struggling to eat, make rent, or even afford my car.

I’m not a religious person, but I believe that there is something out there. Something that guides us, connects us, gives us strength, and I find myself praying, not for all my problems to be solved, that would be silly, but for some guidance and energy to point me in the right direction. I don’t want to wake up and everything be solved, I will never appreciate the good times if that’s how they came about, but I just want this feeling of hopelessness to diminish. After all that’s not very glamorous. 😉

On a positive note though, in a strange turn of events, I’ll be able to see my girls from Hell on Heels to attend a weekly meeting!  This does bring a really big smile to my face and I can’t wait to hear what’s going on or catch up on all their lives!

So here’s to sending out positive vibes and hoping that my many seeds that I’ve recently planted will blossom into something amazing!