Traveling Showgirl Tips

The last couple of years I have been on the road and in the air quite a bit. I have traveled both nationally and internationally, and along the way I have come up with a few traveling showgirl tips. Are you an experienced traveller or maybe a novice who doesn’t know where to begin? Then check out my ten tips for a successful showgirl tour!

  1. Water – You may think that drinking water is only important when you are flying, but throughout your trip, drink as much water as you possibly can. I can’t tell you how many times my mood and energy levels were affected because I was unknowingly dehydrated. When I was traveling in the UK, I didn’t pay attention to my own advice, and with all those tea breaks and no water in between, I was an absolute mess by the time I got home.
  2. Sleep – For me, when I travel sleep is nearly impossible. I can’t get comfortable enough to sleep on a plane, time difference is always a factor, and with burlesque performers performing at night, our hours are already all over the place. I’m not a big fan of sleeping pills because of the hangover effect, but I have had a lot of success using melatonin, which is a natural, over-the-counter sleep aid. You can find this at any drug store, Whole Foods, or even online.
  3. Vitamin C – Traveling is often being in confined spaces with random strangers. Glamorous, I know. Be sure to up your Vitamin C intake to help combat any traveling colds that are floating around.
  4. Research the area you will be staying at. – Research for more than just restaurants that you want to eat at, or shops you want to see. Google search time, distance, travel, and price points for the best methods to get around. Can you walk from your hotel to the venue? What time is call time? When would you have to leave to get to where you are going? Do you have a point of contact in case you get lost? How much are cab rides? Will you have WiFi to use GPS? Many times I will make print outs of directions in case my phone decides to fail me. Make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the worst.
  5. Have a good traveling bag. – I’m not talking about something cute for the plane. Have a show bag that you can easily take around town. Often I take public transportation when I travel, and going back to whatever your home base is may not always be an option, unless you have a car at your disposal or the extra income to request Ubers. Many times I will go explore the city with all my showgirl necessities for that night. Always be prepared. You never know what kind of time set backs you may encounter.
  6. Bring acts that you can travel with. – When you are performing and traveling, it’s much easier to bring acts that are easily transportable. Unless the production you are performing in has paid for you to bring out that giant pain-in-the-ass prop that looks gorgeous on stage, but your stage hands hate, leave it at home. In fact, if you are traveling, keep set-ups minimal. Sometimes it’s best to only have to worry about whether you start on or off stage.
  7. Music – Always have a back up of your music. If you will be on the road, and are performing in a weekly production, chances are they won’t request your music till the week before your performance. I like to use Google Drive and have the downloaded app on my phone. Also keeping a USB back up of all the acts you will be performing while touring is incredibly helpful.
  8. Make-Up – As a performer rule, I always show up to the venue with my make-up already done. You never know what the lighting situation will be, and really it makes you look more professional when you show up to the venue ready to go.
  9. Be Gracious – Producing is hard. Having performers in a production who the producers don’t know is something you should be gracious about. I have performed with producers who I’ve met before, and I’ve also performed in productions where I’ve never formally met the producer. Be kind. Don’t be a diva, and make sure you roll with the punches. I know producers who above everything else, want to make sure that their backstage is a safe zone. Be kind and respectful of everyone involved. You represent yourself, your affiliations, and your community.
  10. Get to know the community. – If you have a few days off to catch another local show, go show some support if it’s in your time and budget. Go meet and talk with the other performers. Make some new friends. You never know where your paths will cross again.

So these are just a few of my traveling show girl tips. Do you have a specific question or maybe a really good point to add? Comment below! Thanks for reading. xoxo