Why I am Excited about Classic Vs. Neo

I love San Diego. From the moment I walked off the airplane, and began to experience the unique culture that San Diego has, I fell utterly in love. A year into living here I found burlesque, and since that moment, it has been my godsend in so many ways. (That is a blog post all in its own.) But the one thing I recognized from the start, was that there were few options for burlesque in San Diego when I began.

Obviously I started at the top of my Google search, but I recognized quickly, that I didn’t have many options if I wanted to become part of the scene. I am eternally grateful to start when I did though. There were so many monumental transitions in the burlesque revival throughout the world, that I am glad that I was able to be a part of it.  It was a pivotal moment in my life, and as I grew as a person, I grew as a performer.

But let’s get back to why I am excited for Classic Vs. Neo. It goes beyond the excitement/anxiety/utter insanity as a producer for the next show to become a success, and hopefully not leave us in the red. It marks the first time in San Diego history for two troupes, to come  together and form a union of a cohesive idea.

There have been a handful of producers, to hire various performers from soloists, to members of troupes to be part of their production. But up until this point, as far as I know, there has yet to be two VERY different troupes, to join forces and put on a show of this level. As much as I love this scene, we haven’t been very good at always interconnecting, and for that reason, I am so in love with this show, this idea, this ideal of a unified, and supportive community.

The Dames and Pixies are very different in their branding and show aesthetic. But we are both very committed to putting on the best shows possible. We are driven, and want to see burlesque as an art form flourish, and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of a production.

So with that, I hope that you will come to one of the TWO shows that we are producing. June 20th and 27th, both at Queen Bee’s in North Park. Say hello, hoot and holler, and hopefully spread the word to your friends and loved ones. Come be part of San Diego Burlesque History!