This past Tiki Oasis was one of the best times I have had this year! I met so many people, tried different things, and performed with some fabulous performers. It all started with the Miss Tiki Oasis pageant though. I’ve always wanted to be in a pageant, not as something that I would actively seek, but just to say I’ve done it. I’m really grateful that I knew many of the girls participating and the majority of the ones I had yet to officially meet were sassy burlesque dancers as well, so no one was taking themselves too seriously. The most nerve wracking part was when we had to go onstage and answer why we wanted to be Miss Tiki Oasis, or a question that was in that ballpark. Public speaking is not my forte, and when the video guy asked to do a sound bite asking me a question that was ALMOST the same exact thing I was asked on stage, I turned into a Miss South Carolina breeds with Rainman chick and ended whatever came out of my mouth with a confident, I don’t know. *facepalm* I’m actually happy they did that first, because it seemed to get most of my jitters out. When I got onstage, I just acted like Eva Mae knew no fear and don’t you know it, they gave me third runner up! Not too shabby for a chick who put her foot in her mouth moments before stepping onstage. 

Then Friday Night Burlesque came around. I was ecstatic to be on the main stage for this event! Ever since I first started dancing I have focused on making each performance better than the one before it. I feel like especially in this last year, I have grown so much as not only a performer, but a person as well. It’s funny, the older I get, and the more I settle into my life and become more comfortable with who I am, the better I see my performances becoming. 

Then Saturday I did the pin up safari. One of my favorite highlights was when Nikki Napalm said I killed it while watching me model. Made the fan girl in me a tad bit giddy. 

Tiki Oasis is officially my new stay-cation. Can’t wait till next year! ImageImage